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Hartford Uses Paperwork Technicality to Terminate Benefits for Fort Lauderdale Man with Chronic Migraines

Before filing for long-term disability (LTD) benefits, our client was an anesthesiologist in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Unfortunately, chronic migraines robbed our client of the ability to work in his chosen occupation. Hartford acknowledged this fact and awarded our client LTD benefits, paying them for over a year. Then, Hartford suddenly terminated our client’s benefits, claiming the company had not received proof of our client’s continuing disability.

Because our client had established the permanent nature of his condition, he was confused by Hartford’s letter and called Dabdoub Law Firm for help.

Our Client’s Disability Did Not Magically Disappear

Our client has a constellation of medical conditions with little chance of improvement. Hartford has known all along that our client’s light sensitivity and chronic migraines are steadily getting worse. Our client cannot and likely will never be able to work with screens or in any occupation that exposes him to bright light ever again.

Additionally, our client suffers from congestive heart failure and other physical disabilities that would make it unsafe for him to work as an anesthesiologist and treat patients. He also demonstrated visual and cognitive impairment in a neuropsychological evaluation – again, these impairments would be a safety issue for patients in the operating room.

Although some cases of light sensitivity and migraine headaches get better over time, this is not the case for our client. Our client’s disability is chronic, and his prognosis is poor.

Nothing in our client’s existing files suggested his disability would magically disappear, and indeed, it has not.

By wrongfully terminating our client’s LTD benefits, Hartford simply added insult to our client’s injury.

Hartford Did Not Need More Proof

For some disability insurance claims, improvement is possible from one month to the next, and the patient must provide the insurance company with up-to-date medical information to stay eligible for benefits. The same cannot be said for chronic disabilities, particularly in our client’s case.

Hartford had everything it needed, but the insurance company used one instance of missing paperwork to take the drastic action of terminating our client’s LTD benefits.

Dabdoub Law Firm quickly remedied the error, appealed Hartford’s unreasonable denial, and pointed out the insurance company’s own mistakes.

Then, we gave Hartford an opportunity to make the right decision and reinstate our client’s benefits. Fortunately, we received a prompt and favorable decision on our client’s behalf.

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