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Hartford Claim Approved for Clubbed Feet

Our client suffered from clubbed feet since childhood. She spent more than 30 years working as a manager for a well-known grocery chain. This position required her to stand a majority of the time. When her foot issues became unbearable, her treating specialist tried to correct the issue with surgical intervention. Unfortunately, the surgery was unsuccessful and worsened her symptoms. She was forced to stop working at her job and resigned due to health issues.

Concerned About the Process

When the client contacted our firm, she had yet to file for disability benefits. In fact, the client and her husband were not going to file for disability benefits because they were concerned about the benefit waiting period. Under her employer’s disability plan, she had to use 90 days of her sick and/or personal time before her long-term disability benefits kicked in. She did not have the sick or personal time to cover the 90 day period because she had used it up due to her medical issues. Because the client’s disability claim is governed by a federal statute known as ERISA The Hartford could take up to 105 days to make a claims decision.

The potential loss of income during the waiting period and The Hartford’s decision deadline was financially stressful for the couple. They did not believe they could wait until benefits kicked in, assuming she was immediately approved.

The Hartford Claim Approved

Our firm initiated the long-term disability claim with The Hartford. Along with our firm’s cover letter, we provided several documents including: updated medical records from all of the client’s treating doctors, a supportive attending physician’s statement, the employer’s statement, client’s portion of the claim forms, and a copy of her resignation letter. The Hartford approved our client’s claim from the onset. We continuously updated the client’s claim with supportive medical evidence in order to obtain a quick approval.

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