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Liberty Mutual Approves Disability Claim in Texas due to Stomach Cancer

Liberty Mutual Approves Disability Claim in Texas due to Stomach Cancer

Liberty Mutual approves a disability claim in Channelview, Texas due to stomach cancer. After first alleging the medical condition was pre-existing and then refusing to make a decision to approve disability benefits, our disability lawyers were contacted to handle the long-term disability claim.

Dabdoub Law Firm is a disability insurance law firm that helps people with long term disability claims with insurance companies. The firm has represented people across the country who were wrongly denied disability benefits by insurance companies like Liberty Mutual.

Liberty Mutual Claimed the Disability Was Pre-existing

Our client, who was a former superintendent, was suddenly diagnosed with Stage IV stomach cancer. He attempted to file his disability claim on his own, but Liberty was delaying a decision before it would eventually deny disability benefits.

Our disability lawyers took over the claim. Without any evidence to support its decision, Liberty concluded our client’s stage IV stomach cancer was pre-existing. In fact, our client had never been diagnosed with any type of cancer prior to the date of his disability. Liberty requested medical records from all of our client’s doctors as well as his health insurance company’s explanation of benefits.

Our firm got involved and pressured Liberty Mutual into approving the claim. We argued that under ERISA and disability insurance law, a medical condition is only preexisting if it substantially contributed to disabling condition. Not all medical conditions and doctors’ visit are preexisting.

Liberty Mutual eventually backed off and paid our client long term disability benefits back to the date benefits should have begun.

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