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Can I Request a Lump Sum Payment While Receiving LTD Benefits?

Yes, you can request a lump sum payment while receiving LTD benefits. There are several things to consider when thinking about a lump sum payment.

Once a disability claim is approved, you typically receive monthly income payments so long as you continue to prove your disability. Disability insurance policies typically pay through age 65 or normal social security retirement age.

At some point, depending on the severity of your disabling condition, the insurance company may offer you a lump sum settlement instead of paying you monthly. You can also request a lump sum settlement from your disability insurance company even if they do not offer you one first.

Understanding a Lump Sum Settlement Offer

A lump sum settlement is an offer of a one-time payment now by your disability insurance company instead of continuing to send you monthly benefits. Typically, these lump-sum settlements only offer a portion, and not the full value, of your future long-term disability benefits.

It is important to understand that accepting a lump sum settlement offer forgoes all future payments.

There are advantages and disadvantages of a lump sum settlement offer including:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Lump Sum Settlement

Would an Insurance Company Make a Lump Sum Settlement Offer Upon Request?

That depends on the nature of your disability. When a disability insurance company makes a lump sum settlement offer, it is probable that it makes financial sense – for them – to do so. A lump sum settlement generally saves the insurance company money in the long run if liability is certain through the entirety of the insurance policy’s term. But not all people who are receiving monthly disability benefits get offered a lump sum settlement offer. This is because the insurance carriers consider a number of factors including:

  • The nature of your disability;
  • Your age; and
  • The duration of the policy.

Things to Consider in a Lump Sum Settlement

You can request a lump sum settlement offer from your disability insurance company while you are receiving benefits. Moreover, discussions regarding a lump sum settlement offer should not affect your monthly payments until an offer is accepted. You should consider several factors when a lump sum settlement offer is presented to you including:

  • The value of your long-term disability claim, taking into account its present value;
  • Whether your policy includes changes in the benefit amount, such as a cost-of-living adjustment;
  • What your life expectancy, as monthly benefits stop once you are gone;
  • Whether your lump sum settlement will be taxable;
  • If you are able to manage the money and make it last.

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