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Dabdoub Law Firm Secures Prudential LTD Benefits for Ikea Worker in WA with Lumbar Neuropathy

Dabdoub Law Firm Secures Prudential LTD Benefits for Seattle Client

In July 2023, Dabdoub Law Firm successfully appealed to The Prudential Insurance Company of America to secure long-term disability (LTD) benefits for our client in Seattle. Keep reading to learn more about this recent success story from Washington.

Dabdoub Attorney Successfully Appeals to Prudential on Seattle Client’s Behalf

After Prudential wrongfully terminated his LTD benefits in December 2022, a disabled resident of Seattle, WA turned to our experienced disability insurance attorneys for assistance. Fortunately, Attorney Kevin Probst successfully appealed to Prudential on his client’s behalf, pointing to a wealth of medical evidence to contradict the insurer’s wrongful decision to deny disability benefits.

“[My client] is no stranger to physically demanding work,” Attorney Probst tells the insurer in his appeal, adding that their policyholder used to drive cement trucks for a living, in addition to other jobs involving strenuous physical labor.

A former Ikea warehouse worker, our Seattle client recalls being able to perform all ranges of motion to complete his job duties, including the ability to lift up to 70 pounds, squatting, bending, twisting, pulling, pushing, jumping, walking, running, and climbing.

“Now, every range of movement is a struggle, from getting up and walking to the bathroom to getting dressed in the morning,” our client tells Prudential. “Every day, I am in pain or discomfort, and it is not a simple discomfort that I can just ignore.”

Our client’s hardships aren’t limited to his professional life and physical impairments. Like most disabled people, his disability is far-reaching and extends to his personal life as well.

“This medical condition has changed my life,” he confesses. “I had plans of getting married and saving money to get a house with my fiancé and continuing to progress through life, but this has crushed all of those thoughts and dreams.”

Attorney Probst wastes no time in pointing to the wealth of evidence to support his client’s disability, including non-medical evidence in the form of personal statements from his Seattle client’s loved ones and medical evidence from various clinical notes.

“[My client] continues to suffer from persistent thoracic and lumbar neuropathy and radiculopathy causing low back pain with pain and weakness in the legs,” Attorney Probst informs the insurer, “as well as weakness that is now starting in the arms, that prevents him from performing the material and substantial duties of his regular or any gainful occupation.”

Prudential Wrongfully Terminated Our Client’s LTD Benefits

Attorney Probst concludes his appeal by informing Prudential that, surely, they cannot determine or even suggest that his client can reliably and consistently perform the duties of his full-time occupation “in the face of overwhelming evidence” that his condition has only worsened.

“On appeal, [our client] has presented overwhelming proof of loss and evidence demonstrating his ongoing disability,” Attorney Probst states. “Prudential is now afforded an opportunity to correct its decision, approve [his] claim, and begin paying him the LTD benefits to which he is entitled. We are confident that given a second, good-faith look at his file, [our client’s] entitlement to his disability benefits will be clear to Prudential.”

Luckily, Attorney Probst was correct, empowering our compassionate Dabdoub team to successfully restore the LTD benefits that our Washington client was legally entitled to from the start.

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