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Prudential Wrongfully Terminates LTD Benefits for Disabled RN

An Acute Dialysis Registered Nurse (RN) in St. Lucie, Florida was forced to stop working due to chronic neck pain. She enjoyed a nearly 20-year-long career and worked through her chronic pain for over 15 years with the help of surgery and medication. When her disabilities and diagnoses became unbearable, she was relieved to turn to her disability insurance with Prudential. The company approved her claim and paid disability benefits for 14 months before inappropriately reversing its stance and denying benefits.

When Dabdoub Law Firm heard about this, we could not stand idly by. We helped our client recover the benefits she deserved.

Details of Our Client’s Chronic Neck Pain

Our client had her first neck surgery in 2002, but she has been unable to perform the duties of her job since February 2018. Her list of diagnoses includes:

The claim our client filed was consistent with Prudential’s policy and she was approved for long-term disability (LTD) benefits in August 2019. Prudential then determined, rather inexplicably, that “no benefits are payable beyond October 31, 2019.”

What Prudential Did Wrong

Under the terms of her policy, our client is eligible for benefits because she is unable to fulfill the duties of her occupation, suffered a loss of earnings due to comorbid health conditions, and has been under the regular care of multiple doctors.

Although she attempted to work 2 part-time jobs after retiring as a nurse, her restrictions and limitations made them impossible. Her medical records confirm this fact, and Prudential has extensive evidence of her conditions and inability to maintain gainful employment.

Prudential also has a fiduciary responsibility to act in our client’s best interest – one which it breached by denying her benefits. On top of all of this, our client had her spinal surgery rescheduled due to the COVID-19 pandemic and a cancer scare.

Considering our client’s situation and the inappropriate justification Prudential gave for denying her claim, the company violated ERISA law. Prudential manipulated medical records from years prior to act in its own self-interest.

How We Helped

Because Dabdoub Law Firm is experienced in ERISA and LTD claims, we were able to highlight legal precedents and medical evidence to show Prudential the wrongs it performed. We gave them a chance to remedy the situation before engaging in litigation.

Fortunately, Prudential complied. Using the evidence and explanations we provided, the company reinstated our client’s LTD benefits, securing her livelihood during this difficult time and honoring the terms of her policy.

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