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Alaska Disability Lawyers

Our Alaska long term disability attorneys from Dabdoub Law Firm are able to represent Alaska residents with disability insurance claims, complex and straightforward. We have the legal experience needed to handle any portion of your insurance claim, including initial filings, appeals, litigation, and lump sum settlement negotiations.

With the vast majority of disability claims being governed by federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) law, we are likely to be able to represent you for your case in Alaska, even though we are not headquartered there. This is due to the fact that federal regulations will supersede state rules. If you are given your long term disability insurance coverage through an employee plan, then it is highly likely that it is covered under ERISA. The same is true of short term disability insurance claims.

When filing for disability insurance benefits under ERISA guidelines, you must do so in a way that meets all required deadlines. Failing to do so can completely remove the chances of you getting deserved benefits. Using the guidance of our Alaska disability lawyers, you can file correctly and on time. You will also be more than prepared in case your claim is wrongfully denied or delayed.

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Alaska Law & Details About Disability Insurance

For a disability insurance claim filed under the governance of ERISA law, you should consult with an experienced ERISA disability attorney. Despite its reputation for being sparsely populated, Alaska actually has several federal courts, including locations in Fairbanks, Anchorage, and Juneau.

Unfortunately, ERISA tends to protect insurance companies before policyholders. It is likely that your long term disability insurance policy has language that gives the insurer the power of discretion when weighing your disability. That means a federal judge will have to defer to the insurance company’s decision that you are not disabled even if the judge believes you are, unless the insurance company’s decision-making process was found to be completely unreasonable. Most insurers want the benefit of this law and therefore put a “discretionary clause” into their policies, be them Aetna, UNUM, CIGNA or LINA, Prudential, or any other insurance company.

Under ERISA law, there is also an absolute end point for disability insurance claim appeals. If there is a “final denial,” there is no future chance of trying to attain benefits for the same disability, even if you uncover incredible new evidence that proves you certainly deserve benefits. It is crucial you work with our Alaska long term disability insurance attorneys to make certain your appeal will be ready for anything the first time, reducing your chancing of being stuck with a final denial.

Disability Insurance Companies Have Experienced Disability Insurance Lawyers — Shouldn’t You?

Dabdoub Law Firm was built to fight for people who were wrongly denied long term disability benefits. As a result of our efforts and focus, millions of dollars in disability benefits have been paid to our clients. We have won several major disability lawsuits and helped make new law due to our casework and influence. As federal law applies to most disability insurance claims, we do not have to be located in Alaska to help with your disability insurance claim there.

All our lawyers commit every day to helping people get disability benefits from insurance companies, providing services like:

  • Disability insurance claim submittals
  • Long-term disability appeals following denials
  • Lump-sum settlement negotiation
  • Filing a lawsuit against your disability insurance company

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