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Our long term disability insurance lawyers from Dabdoub Law Firm assist claimants just like you deal with disability insurance claims filed in Denver. We made our law firm to do exactly that, and we have focused all of our attention on it. This level of commitment has enabled us to become highly experienced LTD attorneys who have dealt with every major insurance company. No matter what tactics they try to use to shut down your insurance claim, our disability lawyers have seen it before and know what to do to protect your rights.

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Denver Disability Insurance Claims

Most people living in Denver and who have long term disability insurance coverage are getting that coverage from an employer-provided insurance policy. This is actually true in most cities across the country. Employer-sponsored disability insurance policies are provided by various companies – this may include UNUM, CIGNA or LINA, and Prudential, for example.

Furthermore, individually-employed people can still disability insurance through an individual disability income policy. These individual or self-employed disability insurance policies from an insurer like Reliance, Principal Financial, or Liberty often provide benefits if one is no longer capable of working in his or her own occupation. While you have to pay for such a policy yourself, the exchange is that individual disability policies usually have better terms for the insured.

Denver Disability Insurance Claim Denials

Insurance companies are known to drag out disability claim reviews by using several tactics. One of the often seen tactics is claiming medical records or attending physician statements were not received when, in reality, these documents were sent.

Sending a disability claimant to a medical examination by an insurance company’s doctor is one way many disability claims are denied. This is known as an independent medical examination or IME. These doctors are paid by the insurance company’s to exam someone and prepare a report. Often, these reports conclude the person is exaggerating their symptoms. If someone is suffering from chronic pain, the insurance company then argues the person’s pain is subjective or, state differently, not supported by objective evidence.

If someone suffers from a cognitive impairment due to stroke, dementia, a traumatic brain injury, or some other medical condition, the insurance company may send the claimant to a neuropsychological evaluation. In this law firm’s experience, many of these reports come back stating our clients are malingering or exaggerating their impairments. Yet, our clients’ doctors disagree.

The bottom line is, insurance companies are skilled at reviewing and denying disability claims. You should know your rights under the policy and disability law. More importantly, you should consult with an experienced disability insurance lawyer. Legal representation can make the difference between getting your claim approved or denied.

Hiring an Experienced Disability Insurance Lawyer is Important

Because Dabdoub Law Firm has always focused only on disability insurance law, we have successfully represented hundreds of clients across the country. We have won several major disability lawsuits and have fought UNUM, Hartford, MetLife, CIGNA, Prudential, and more. Because federal law applies to most disability insurance claims, we can help you even if we are not located in your state.

Disability insurance companies have lawyers. You should too. Call Dabdoub Law Firm to get experienced disability lawyers on your side.

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