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Dabdoub Law Firm Secures Disability Benefits from UNUM for Sacramento Client with Lumbar Spondylosis

In June 2022, our accomplished disability insurance attorneys had the privilege of helping a resident of Sacramento, CA get approved for the disability benefits she was rightfully entitled to from the start. After her long-term disability (LTD) claim was wrongfully denied by UNUM, our California client turned to Dabdoub Law Firm for assistance.

Keep reading to hear the latest success story from the West Coast.

Our Disability Lawyers Successfully Appealed to UNUM

After UNUM wrongfully denied our client’s disability insurance claim, our dedicated disability attorneys stepped in to hold the insurer accountable by demanding the aid that our 71-year-old client needs after struggling with numerous medical conditions for many years, all of which contribute to impaired daily functioning and difficulties performing tasks of day-to-day living. To make matters worse, her health issues are predicted to worsen over time as her conditions continue to progress.

To name just a few of the chronic symptoms that our client has been forced to manage, her diagnoses include (but aren’t limited to) thoracic spondylosis, lumbar spondylosis, advanced arthritis of the hands, bilateral knee osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, kyphoscoliosis, and shoulder osteoarthritis. She struggles with tasks as simple as dressing herself, and her chronic pain makes her dependent on durable medical equipment to physically navigate and fulfill even the smallest of tasks in her home.

“There is a very real concern for [our client’s] safety,” Attorney Edward Dabdoub pointed out to UNUM. “The long-term care benefits provided by her insurance policy are desperately needed now. After reviewing all the documents, records, and information provided with this letter, we have no doubt UNUM will agree that [she] qualifies for benefits.”

Our Dabdoub lawyers wasted no time in demonstrating that our client is overwhelmingly and chronically ill—a fact that UNUM would have known if the insurance company hadn't deemphasized and ignored an abundance of medical evidence to support it. Rather than accepting detailed clinical reports from our client's personal physicians, UNUM carelessly and ignorantly chose to ignore all reports that didn't come from their own medical representatives—individuals who never even met our client, let alone possessed any idea of the extent of her condition.

Assessments from multiple physicians were again presented for UNUM to make the correct choice the second time around in granting our client the disability benefits that she is legally entitled to. The reports reflected a range of serious medical concerns, including our client’s inability to maintain basic care and hygiene habits.

Attorney Dabdoub described our client’s medical updates as “consistently bleak.” He goes on to add, “The medical evidence provided with this appeal is thorough and complete. With all the documentation and information, UNUM should be able to approve benefits without further delay. With each month that passes, [her] condition deteriorates and her day-to-day life becomes more unsafe without help...Those benefits will make daily life a little easier and help prevent a bad fall. The purpose and intent of the policy is to do just that.”

Fortunately, with sound counsel and support from our compassionate team at Dabdoub Law Firm, our Sacramento client was finally approved for the long-term disability benefits she deserves to manage her health conditions and live a better quality of life.

Help from an Attorney with Expertise in Disability Insurance

Disability insurance law is complicated. If your claim for long-term disability benefits was denied or delayed by an insurance company, it is important to get help from a lawyer with expertise in disability law. Consider the following reasons to hire Dabdoub Law Firm:

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