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Dabdoub Law Firm Secures Disability Benefits from Reliance Standard for Philadelphia Woman with Glaucoma

Dabdoub Law Firm Secures LTD & STD Benefits for Our Philadelphia Client

In August 2021, Dabdoub Law Firm’s client in Philadelphia, PA developed vision issues. After seeking medical treatment, she was diagnosed with glaucoma in both eyes. Given our client’s prior eagerness to rejoin the workforce after the pandemic, you can imagine how hard it was for our client to come to terms with this unfortunate news.

Her symptoms directly impacted her ability to continue in her occupation as a Mortgage Underwriter, as she was having immense difficulty focusing on a computer screen for hours on end. Even after undergoing a surgical procedure, our client was disappointed when her visual difficulties persisted. Even worse, her symptoms weren’t alleviated by medication or eye drops; rather, these treatments caused undesirable side effects in our client.

By October 2021, our client was struggling more than ever to perform her basic occupational duties and accruing mistakes. It was at this time she made the difficult decision to apply for disability benefits in hopes of caring for her physical, emotional, and financial health. Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company denied our client’s claim in January 2022.

Frustrated, she turned to Dabdoub Law Firm to help her obtain the assistance she rightfully deserves for her disability.

Reliance Standard Life Insurance Neglects its Duty to Act in the Best Interests of Our Client

In July 2022, Dabdoub Law Firm successfully appealed to Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company on behalf of our client in Philadelphia, PA. Our experienced disability insurance attorneys stepped in to advocate for our client’s needs by successfully reversing Reliance’s wrongful denial of her short-term disability (“STD”) benefits while also initiating a long-term disability (“LTD”) claim on her behalf.

There was a wealth of evidence to support that our client was deserving of both short- and long-term disability benefits. Not only was our client unable to perform material or substantial duties of her job, but she was also under the regular care of a physician. After evaluating her condition and persistent symptoms, our client's doctor ultimately concluded that she is unable to reliably and consistently work full-time in her occupation.

Dabdoub Law Firm reminded Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company that, as an ERISA fiduciary, the company is obligated to act in the best interests of its clients and provide a “full and fair review” of claim denials. Our disability insurance attorneys successfully appealed to secure short-term disability benefits for our Philadelphia client and facilitate the initiation of long-term disability benefits.

Disability Insurance Companies Have Lawyers. Shouldn’t You?

If you are facing a long-term disability claim denial, you should consult an experienced disability lawyer. Our lawyers specialize in disability claims with insurance companies.

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