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Reliance Standard Denies Tampa Underwriter's Disability Benefits for Autoimmune Disease

Dabdoub Law Firm Secures STD & LTD Benefits for Florida Client

In July 2022, our hardworking disability insurance attorneys reached out to Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company on behalf of our client in Tampa, FL. After the insurance company wrongfully denied her claim for short-term disability (STD) benefits, Dabdoub Law Firm not only stepped up to appeal Reliance’s unjust denial of STD benefits, but also initiated a long-term disability (LTD) benefits claim on our client’s behalf, empowering her to secure the level of aid, support, and care she rightfully deserves.

Our Disability Lawyers Appealed to Reliance on Tampa Client’s Behalf

Given her longstanding history of autoimmune diseases, our Florida client is no stranger to the pain and inconvenience caused by chronic conditions and disabling symptoms. As a decades-long workforce participant, she was eager to return to her occupation as a Mortgage Underwriter.

Sadly, life had other plans. In August 2021, our client began suffering vision problems and was ultimately diagnosed with glaucoma. Hopeful that surgery could remedy the problem and allow her to return to work at full capacity, she underwent surgery—only to find that her vision problems persisted.

Efforts to treat her condition were not only ineffective, but created additional side effects for our client to manage on top of existing health concerns. By October 2021, our client was unable to continue working.

Reliance Wrongfully Denied Our Client’s Claim for STD Benefits

Reliance saw fit to reject our client’s claim for short-term disability benefits, despite support from numerous physicians and extensive medical evidence that shows our client suffers from cataracts, posterior vitreous detachment, nuclear sclerosis, and Chorioretinal scars.

As a result, our client suffers from significant impairment. Medical records demonstrate that she is unable to perform the material and substantial duties of her job. Her symptoms clearly limit her ability to perform in her occupation to the best of her ability, as she can't engage in close reading or computer use for extended periods of time due to the strain on her vision.

Despite her physician’s reasonable conclusion that our client is unable to reliably consistently work full-time in her occupation, Reliance made the unreasonable conclusion to deny her disability benefits claim. Tanja Vuceteic, one of our skilled disability insurance attorneys, was quick to identify the inherent flaws in Reliance’s decision.

“With eye pain, blurriness of vision, and decreased vision, does Reliance reasonably believe that [our client] would be able to work through countless mortgage applications and contracts for 40 hours a week?” Attorney Vuceteic exclaimed.

After kindly reminding Reliance of their legal obligations as an ERISA fiduciary and reiterating the staggering amount of evidence to dispute their denial, Dabdoub Law Firm successfully appealed on behalf of our Tampa client to restore her STD benefits and secure the LTD benefits she deserves.

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