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Prudential LTD Benefits Secured for Florida Flight Attendant with Post-Concussion Syndrome

In July 2023, Dabdoub Law Firm successfully appealed to The Prudential Insurance Company of America to secure long-term disability (LTD) benefits for our client in Palm Beach. Keep reading to learn more about this recent success in Florida.

Dabdoub Attorney Successfully Appeals to The Hartford for Columbus Client

A former flight attendant, our Florida client was forced to step away from her beloved career following an unfortunate accident involving a head injury. After working for United Airlines since 1997, she had no choice but to end her dedicated, decades-long career in 2022.

She was eventually diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome, leading to more medical evaluations to determine the root of her condition. Further testing confirmed that our client was suffering from a mild concussion with fatigue with cervical concussion and vestibular concussion. Even after receiving treatment and returning to work, our client was too dizzy and sick to continue after a few shifts.

Even after approving her initial LTD claim, Prudential saw fit to revoke her disability benefits less than a year later. Her treating neurologist reached out to Prudential on his patient's behalf, explaining that since his patient's return to work, “[her] migraines, vertigo, [and] vision problems have continued. Due to the progression of symptomatology, I am advising another leave of absence…her symptoms seem to be worsening rather than dissipating.”

Even so, Prudential wrongfully denied our client’s claim again. In the meantime, our Florida client continued to undergo treatments in hopes of managing her pain. Fortunately, Attorney Emily Quirino of Dabdoub Law Firm successfully appealed to Prudential on the flight attendant’s behalf, reminding the insurer of the extensive medical evidence to support her client’s claim.

Despite receiving continuous treatment and prescription medications, Attorney Quirino points out that her client “continues to suffer from headaches, migraines, dizziness, blurred vision, cognitive deficits, among other issues…[she] has provided substantial evidence of disability.”

Our skilled disability insurance attorney wasted no time reminding Prudential of their legal and ethical obligations under ERISA law, informing the insurer that their in-house nurse conducted a “flawed review” in violation of these regulations.

“Prudential cannot rely on a ‘flawed’ peer review that contains a disturbing pattern of disregarding and ignoring the abundance of evidence,” Attorney Quirino points out in her appeal, adding, “To do otherwise is arbitrary and capricious.”

Our client’s disability is further supported by personal statements from friends and family, who have witnessed her deteriorating health in real time. Jim, her friend of 25 years, went as far as to say that our client is a different person. “She is easily confused and agitated,” Jim explains in his letter. “She can’t seem to find the right words to express herself.”

Our client’s former colleague, John, remembers her as “once vibrant and capable,” but now “struggles to research a subject, is always searching for her glasses to see something properly, and has difficulty finding the words to express herself.”

Fortunately, Dabdoub Law Firm successfully appealed to Prudential to restore our client’s disability benefits, pointing to the wealth of well-documented evidence—including FCE evaluations, clinical notes from numerous medical specialists, records of numerous surgeries and procedures, a wide array of diagnostic imaging tests, and letters of support—to support her disabled status and eligibility.

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